Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Maybelline colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss Electric Shock : Review & Swatches

I just knew the first time I applied this lipgloss on my lips, 
i am going to love this . The formula
is extremely awesome and also lovely range of shade from pop up 
colors to nude colors.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Stay Connected With Itz Raining Beauty !!!

So I guess I maybe the last one to post about this 
Google reader will be terminated of usage from tomorrow..

So this a informational post of how you can stay updated with Itz Raining beauy posts.

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I know i havent been posting regularly but i took an resolution to post often 
from july so I hope to stay more active in this space.
And oh its raining heavily hence I have been staying all day in home and playing 
every board out there . Lets hope the monsoons may go easy on us.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Haul ~

         One of my favourite Indian shopping site is,
i love shopping from there since there is always some offer going or they provide coupon credits
 from earlier shopping for a min of 500/- atleast everytime since its definitely a boost for
an online shopping addict like me. But apart clothes,bags and other misc, this is my first time
shopping for makeup products which has left me as one happy shopper.

Ponds BB cream : Review & Swatches

BB creams are one popular trend in makeup products these days.
Many brands are hastily engaged in making their own BB cream but does meet the original
idea for what the BB creams stands for. The above sentence matches exactly with
the new ponds BB cream. I would term it as tinted moisturiser rather than a BB cream.

I dont know what was Ponds thinking while removing their original tinted moisturiser
(which was quite good than BB) from 
 shelves months before and replacing it with a brand new name with BB tag.
Atleast the former one had considerably three shades compared to the BB cream 
which comes in just one shades.. Really !?!

Why do few big companies act as lazy bum for adding more shades?