Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ponds BB cream : Review & Swatches

BB creams are one popular trend in makeup products these days.
Many brands are hastily engaged in making their own BB cream but does meet the original
idea for what the BB creams stands for. The above sentence matches exactly with
the new ponds BB cream. I would term it as tinted moisturiser rather than a BB cream.

I dont know what was Ponds thinking while removing their original tinted moisturiser
(which was quite good than BB) from 
 shelves months before and replacing it with a brand new name with BB tag.
Atleast the former one had considerably three shades compared to the BB cream 
which comes in just one shades.. Really !?!

Why do few big companies act as lazy bum for adding more shades?

Ponds Claims:

 Instant natural coverage
 Non-pores clogging
 Light, non-oily texture
 Lightens from within epidermis level
 Reduces dark spots
Evens skin tone
SPF 30 PA++ protects from UVA, UVB and visible light

Some good points on this ponds bb creams are like nice packaging, available in 
two sizes, economical pricing, creamy texture, spf content. Though its creamy, it takes
effort to blend since its thick, instead of blending in spreading motion you can tap it gently
with fingers to spread. Due to spf 30, it makes a perfect day wear base but in flash photos
it shows up as pale(whitish cast) skin which is a disappointment. It last more than half a day
 and gives a matte finish. Also it feels heavy on skin.While i feel garnier BB cream is much
better since skin feels hydrated than this.

As an ardent user of previous ponds tinted moisturiser, i can very well say both are very
very similar. Also it doesnt conceal any skin spots or dark circle which are basics in a BB
cream,which this lack. The one shade concept is a huge disappointment since even after
5mins after application, it doesnt adapt on skin to our skin color maybe it does
 on fairer skin tones but wouldnt suit for medium to dusky skintones.

I had high hopes regarding this bb cream and it dint fare my expectations.
As you can in see in the below swatch of after photo it looks like it makes my skin brighter
but looking unnatural in real life.


69 Rs. for 9g 
125 Rs. for 18g 

Recommendation :
 No.. in my honest opnion unless it matches your skintone and you are okay with
very light coverage. But skip this if there is going to be taken photos especially 
with flash..

re- purchase:






  1. I love BB Creams but haven't tried this Ponds one yet. Have you tried any of the Korean BB Creams? I love them ;)

    I even tried out and recently reviewed the new CC Cream from a korean brand ;)

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  2. I actually liked this one. My only problem being how my skin becomes oily with this, but then that is the story of my life.

  3. long time Sunaa :) how re you?? In terms of coverage I like this one but Garnier one is most moisturizing :)

  4. Nice review But "more shades" theres only one fucking shade! Why Ponds Why!! Hahaa You're inspiring me to post my opinion on this as well :)