Monday, 1 July 2013

Stay Connected With Itz Raining Beauty !!!

So I guess I maybe the last one to post about this 
Google reader will be terminated of usage from tomorrow..

So this a informational post of how you can stay updated with Itz Raining beauy posts.

One of easiest way is facebook.
Click the facebook like widget in sidebar  
Click here to visit the page and like it.

Stay updated with blog post via email
by entering your email address with the tab of with submit space in
sidebar or click here for the rss feed link and enter your email address
and dont forget to click the link sent to your email address
to activate it

Bloglovin is regarded as the easiest replacement for
Google reader, click here and press the follow button to stay connected.

I havent got much with google+ but i update everytime 
of the posts in google+ share so if you are convenient with it
you can add me by clicking here.

I know i havent been posting regularly but i took an resolution to post often 
from july so I hope to stay more active in this space.
And oh its raining heavily hence I have been staying all day in home and playing 
every board out there . Lets hope the monsoons may go easy on us.



  1. Already following you on blogloving. Hope you follow me there as well :)

  2. If all the five things were not there also I ll follow you somehow.